Counselling In Benfleet

“Given the right support, each individual has the capacity to heal and grow.”
– Carl Jung

Counselling in Benfleet
Counselling is primarily a talking therapy, a special kind of communication whereby the client is the centre of the conversation. Counsellors will allow you talk about any problems and feelings in a safe space; maintaining confidence and a non-judgemental attitude towards all clients; this is what makes the the relationship different from any that you might get in everyday life. Often people have an opinion or their own emotional reaction to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours which prevent them from ‘really’ hearing us… and sometimes being ‘heard’ is the starting point to finding our way forward.  A counsellor will help you to recognise what is right for you in your life at a time when, perhaps, you feel lost.

Counselling is a unique experience to each individual person.  The process is adapted to the needs of the client as and when their needs change.  Counselling can offer a safe space and a relationship that can
help you to overcome issues that are causing emotional pain or making life difficult.

I work with the core belief that each of my clients possess the knowledge and ability inside of themselves, to reach for and find their own potential, and to be content within their lives. But, often clients who find their way into my counselling room have had that knowledge and ability masked behind their feelings, thoughts and behaviours, or by negative relationships within their lives. It is my job to create a relationship that allows my clients to connect with their true selves in a bid to find their own answers and solutions.

Counselling in Benfleet can help you with;

Zen HarmonieAnxiety/ Stress
Abuse (physical, emotional, sexual – past or present)
Bereavement and Loss
Childhood trauma
Confidence issues
Drug and Alcohol problems
Eating disorders
Relationship problems
Sexual identity issues
and more…  Please contact me for further information.

Our consulting rooms are in the heart of benfleet and are comfortable and private, with a discrete entrance to the building; ensuring that our clients can be as at ease as possible.

Cost per counselling session is £35
Reduced to £30 for student counsellors who are undertaking their required personal therapy.